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Join.me - Super Simple Web Meetings

Oct. 28, 2013, noon · 0 comments

Hi there! This is Isaac Simon, the Chief Technology Officer here at Simon Solutions. Occasionally, I'll be sharing helpful tech tips and tools that can hopefully enhance the way you and your organization do what you do so well, reach out to those in need.

We've tried just about every web meeting product out there and only one has proved absolutely invaluable, join.me

The problem is that many of the web meeting products available require cumbersome steps to start or join an online meeting. Too many features, too many options, too much trouble!

With join.me the presenter (and only the presenter) downloads a small application, then sends all attendees a link to join the meeting. Here's where it shines - The attendees click a link from an email and they're in, looking at the presenters screen. No software download, no headaches.

Attendees can access the web meeting via their desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android from wherever they are.

In their words - "join.me combines instant screen sharing and powerful meeting tools in an app that anyone can use to present, train, demo or concept. join.me is designed to be intuitive and accessible, providing features that you'll use every day for everything from show-and-tell to formal presentations."

You can check it out for free at join.me. Simply click "start meeting".

If you love it and choose to upgrade to the pro account (meeting recordings, up to 250 attendees, custom web address and more) they offer discounted non-profit pricing.

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