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Stillwater News Press, July 31st, 2014

Aug. 4, 2014, 3:19 p.m. · 0 comments

We are very excited about the great things that Stillwater CARES, Inc is doing in Oklahoma! Great work Quinn!

July 31, 2014

Q5: Stillwater CARES unites nonprofits

By Elizabeth Keys

Stillwater News Press

STILLWATER, Okla. — Quinn Schipper is the executive director of Stillwater CARES, a nonprofit community benefit organization.

1 What is the purpose of Stillwater CARES?

Simply put, Stillwater CARES is a nonprofit community benefit organization that is dedicated to helping people who help people. We exist to assist other nonprofit organizations that address the prevention and alleviation of poverty in Stillwater. We specialize in coordinating strategic community alliances and synchronizing best practices so that the maximum number of residents can be served with the available community resources.

2 Who are clients of Stillwater CARES?

Stillwater CARES is unique in that we don’t serve traditional clients, that is, individuals who need services provided by local nonprofit organizations; rather, our clients are the leaders of social service organizations, the faith community, and those from other sectors who want to help people build resources for a better life. We currently have 54 agencies that have committed to the mission of Stillwater CARES.

3 Why is an organization like Stillwater CARES needed in the community?

Government statistics indicate that 30.1 percent of Stillwater residents are with income below the poverty level. This is nearly double the state’s average of 14.7 percent.

In 2010, there was expressed need in the community for coordination of social services in order to assist under-resourced people out of their circumstance, to reduce duplication of services and needless waste, and make the best use of community resources. Stillwater CARES was birthed from this effort.

4 How does Stillwater CARES assist nonprofits in efficiently providing services?

One of our greatest assets is the community service directory. With more than 275 resources in 52 categories, we provide a comprehensive, web-based resource and service directory.

In conjunction with our 211 Essential Services partnership, we are committed to creating an exhaustive resource directory. We also cosponsor Workshop Wednesday, a free monthly program that features speakers who discuss current trends that are relevant to the nonprofit sector and the community at large.

5 What programs does Stillwater CARES offer for individuals hoping to break the cycle of poverty?

As a pilot community of the statewide “Bridge the Gap” initiative, Stillwater CARES facilitates Bridges Out of Poverty workshops and Getting Ahead classes that assist individuals break the cycle of poverty.

Stillwater has 17 Getting Ahead trained facilitators and there will be two classes graduating this summer.

On Sept. 1, Stillwater CARES will launch CharityTracker, a resource that enables agencies to work together to create a cohesive life plan for their clients.

Here's a link to the original article.

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