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Dropbox • Free Cloud-Based File Storage

April 12, 2013, 10:10 a.m. · 0 comments

Hi there! This is Isaac Simon, the Chief Technology Officer here at Simon Solutions. Occasionally, I'll be sharing helpful tech tips and tools that can hopefully enhance the way you and your organization do what you do so well, reach out to those in need.

The video above does an excellent job of introducing you to the concept of one of my favorite services, Dropbox. Imagine never having to email yourself files so you can work on them at home, imagine easily sharing a large folder of pictures and video with someone in just a few clicks, or most importantly imagine having your files backed up and always available no matter where you are!

Dropbox is a folder on your computer that automatically syncs everything inside with all of your computers, phones, tablets and a secure password-protected web site.

You could start writing a grant proposal at the office, finish it at the house, and show it to potential funder the next day at lunch. And all the while you never had to email yourself the file. When you clicked "Save" at your house, the file was automatically updated on your office computer and your smartphone!

Dropbox can also make collaboration a breeze. Let's say you and a colleague need to work on a presentation together, you just create a folder and enable folder sharing. Your teammate will get an email invitation to the folder. Then, when either one of you add or make changes to a file in that folder, you'll both stay perfectly in sync.

The examples are endless. I have yet to find someone who has tried Dropbox and didn't fall head over heels in love. It's super easy-to-use and free. If you want to store a large amount of files, they have a paid tier which I think is totally worth it, but you can make that decision for yourself.

Make your life easier and check out Dropbox.

This post is part of a series of technology tips presented by Isaac Simon, the Chief Technology Officer at Simon Solutions.

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